User Agreement

Present Agreement is a public offer and defines the terms of use of materials and services placed at Internet website at: by guests and users given website (the “Website”).

1. General Provisions

1.1. Present Agreement governs the access to website and its use.

1.2. Any disputes and disagreements, which may arise in connection to use of the Website, shall be governed by the Italian law, international treaties, the Russian law in part provide for in the Privacy Policy, and present User Agreement.

1.3. Registration or other special actions are not required for reception of access to materials of the Website by the User.

1.4. By receiving the access to materials of Website, the User shall be deemed to accede to present Agreement.

1.5. The User may use materials of Website and Services provided at Website for personal purposes only, which shall not be associated with any trade, business or professional activity.

1.6. Present User Agreement shall be binding upon all users of Website, both authorized and unauthorized (upon use of the public portion of Website).

2. User Liabilities

2.1. The User shall not take any actions and shall not leave any comments and notes, which may be considered as violating the Italian, Russian or international law, of which in domain of intellectual property rights, copyrights and/or related rights, commonly accepted moral standards and ethics, as well as any actions, which result or may result in violation of ordinary operation of Website and its services.

2.2. Use of materials of Website without the consent of the right holders is prohibited.

2.3. Reference to Website is obligatory upon citing of the materials of Website, including works of authorship.

2.4. Administration of Website shall not be liable for visiting and use of any external resources, which may be referred to at Website.

2.5. Administration of Website shall not be liable and shall not bear any direct or indirect liabilities to the User due to any potential or actual loss or costs associated with maintenance of Website, registration of copyrights and information on such registration, goods or services available at or received through external websites or resources or other contacts of the User, which he/she had joined by the use of information placed at Website or references to external resources.

2.6. The User agrees that Administration of Website shall not be liable and shall bear no responsibility due to any advertisements placed at Website.

3. Miscellaneous

3.1. All possible disputes arising out of or related to present Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the effective Italian law, international treaties, and law of the Russian Federation in part provided for in the Privacy Policy.

3.2. If the court finds any provision of the Agreement invalid or unenforceable, other provisions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

3.3. Failure of the Administration of Website to act in case of violation of any provisions of the Agreement by any Users shall not divest the Administration of Website of the right to take relevant actions in furtherance for statutory protection of its interests and copyrights to materials of Website. Administration of Website retains the right to take measures in line with the effective law for limitation or termination of the access to Website and its information resources of natural persons and legal entities violating present User Agreement.

3.4. Administration of Website may at any time unilaterally amend present Agreement. Such amendments shall come into effect as of placement of new Agreement at website. If the User disagrees with proposed amendments, he/she shall waive of the access to Website and cease the use of materials and services of Website.

3.5. Following the link, the User consents to present Agreement, as well as Privacy Policy, being the integral part of this Agreement and posted at website at:

3.6. All materials of Website are protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, intellectual property laws and other relevant legal acts and international treaties.
Given protection relates to all texts, graphics, multimedia materials, software codes, information / promotional materials, and other copyright objects comprising content of Website.

You are not authorized to copy, broadcast, distribute, and publish any materials posted at Website without written consent of the Right Holder.
Illegal actions of the User aimed at, without limitation, reception of the unauthorized access to private resources of Website, use of such access; copying, destruction or amendment of private data of Website not owned by the User; copying or changing of Website software;  decompiling of Website software for generation of source codes; sale and other transfer of any rights to any third parties to any information contained at Website are prohibited by the Italian law, Russian law, and international treaties.

The company retains the right to take measures not prohibited by the effective Russian law for limitation or termination of access to Website and its information resources to natural persons or legal entities violating present User Agreement.


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